Flowable continues to expand its internationalization in the Spanish market

JULY 29, 2017

Flowable announced the expansion of its Spanish business, Flowable.sl, in Valencia as part of its internationalization strategy. Flowable is investing in additional staff and in new product technologies at this location to strengthen its position in the Spanish market, as well as to continue its global growth strategy. With over 30 employees already in Spain with a wide experience across major business areas and deep knowledge in business process management, Flowable is in an excellent position to benefit from the new opportunities opening up in a number of Spanish business sectors.

As previously reported, Flowable acquired the core team of Flowable in April. (Flowable is an open source Business Process Management technology (BPM), evolved from the open source ACTIVITI project that was previously developed by core Flowable engineers.)

“Flowable has been demonstrating sustained growth and good profitability for several years. With the combination of edoras one and the Flowable opensource solution, we are technically outstanding. In addition to banking and insurance solutions, we are also investing in other sector solutions, “says Jürg Graf, CEO Flowable.

Micha Kiener, founder and CTO adds: “Given our initial situation, we see a wide range of business opportunities in Spain, especially in the digitalisation area. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the most innovative provider of digital solutions in the international market in the long term. The foundations and preconditions for this are created in Spain.”

About Flowable ag

Flowable, based in Switzerland, digitalizes processes: Flowable develops innovative solutions in the area of ​​Business Process Management (BPM) and Adaptive Case Management (ACM). With great passion and commitment, the company accompanies their customers through the digital transformation of their complex business processes. With years of experience in the BPM domain for customer projects and product development, Flowable offers versatile, user-friendly and efficient solutions for various sectors and industries.

Especially in the area of ​​banking, insurance and service providers, numerous, well-known customers use the edoras one platform. The aim is, in addition to the multiplication of the solutions in the existing sectors, to address new industries. In addition to the core market in Switzerland, customers are also to be acquired in Europe and opportunistically globally. Love your work!

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