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Low-code Automation

Flowable is a low-code automation platform to build and deploy enterprise-grade workflows that enhance productivity and transform customer experience.

Code less, innovate more

Automate every aspect of your business, from simple repetitive tasks to the most complex and dynamic scenarios using Flowable - a powerful low-code automation platform. Build and deploy enterprise business applications faster, optimizing resources while unlocking business value.

Dynamic process design

Model any business process or case in no time with the dynamic visual editor Flowable Design. Use low-code design and editing tools with drag-and-drop features to quickly create processes and workflows that respond to your business automation needs. Easily adapt, share and reuse models across teams thanks to the open standards BPMN, CMMN, and DMN.

End-to-end automation & orchestration

Manage complex business workflows with ease and connect customers and employees using an automation platform to coordinate the flow of information end-to-end. Orchestrate the flow of information between systems and people, while staying completely secure and compliant.

Process monitoring & optimization

Gain in-depth understanding of process performance by utilizing an advanced set of monitoring and optimization tools available. Analyze processes and workflows, create automated tests, address any potential issues quickly, and optimize efficiently.

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What’s inside the Flowable Platform?

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Model more, code less. Use low-code to unlock value faster, increase productivity and collaboration between Business and IT. Rapidly develop and deploy business applications without compromising on quality, security, and compliance standards.

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Data modeling

Gain complete control of your data by defining data models, mapping external data sources, such as databases and REST, into low-code and no-code automation models, and creating custom data sources that can be used across cases, processes, and apps.

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Get started in no time. Easily integrate it within your existing technology stack. Flowable’s API-ready, embeddable, and high-performance architecture can be plugged in at every level of your IT landscape.

Out of the box connectors
Out-of-the-box connectors

Connect and collaborate effortlessly, ensuring a smooth flow of information across systems using Flowable’s out-of-the-box connectors for Salesforce, SharePoint, and more.

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Reporting & analytics

Use Flowable’s rich reporting capabilities to continuously optimize your processes and cases. With detailed analytical data, heatmaps, charts, and reports, you can identify optimal processes and areas where performance can be improved.  

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Enterprise security

Flowable was designed from the ground up with security and compliance in mind. Define flexible user models and security policies that allow complete control over who can access specific data and ensure regulatory compliance.


Make your operations smarter for seamless integration with AI. Use Flowable to improve your data warehouse capabilities, establishing a reliable data pipeline for your AI initiatives.

Cloud and on-prem

Run Flowable effortlessly in a wide range of environments, meeting your infrastructure requirements.

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Task management

Manage tasks in a flexible inbox, where teams can collaborate, assign, prioritize, and attach documents. Access all user tasks from a single location, irrespective of whether they were created manually or automatically as part of a case or process.

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Configurable UI

Work more efficiently through a customizable user interface that fits your needs and brand identity. With point-and-click useability, simply choose the layout, page actions, and customer components you need to manage processes and cases. And for business modeling, define customer-specific design palettes for processes, cases, and forms.

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Content management

Generate, edit, and review documents, photos, and media to support ongoing processes, and cases. Manage everything through Flowable’s content libraries, from merging PDFs and converting documents to web-ready formats and thumbnails, to editing Microsoft Office documents directly in Flowable.

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Chat capabilities

Have frictionless conversations with customers using their preferred chat applications. Gain a comprehensive view of all the channels and provide tailored support in real-time via WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and more.

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See how to easily model and deploy enterprise-grade automation applications with Flowable.

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