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Fully Digital Insurance Workflows

Digitize processes to reduce operational costs and build solutions that transform the way you understand and insure your customers.

Transform the Way You Insure Customers

Evolve from traditional insurance processes to efficient, paperless, next-generation operations. Flowable offers a single flexible platform that allows insurers to optimize processes, reduce costs, transform customer journeys, and bring new products to market quickly. Streamline your quoting, underwriting, and claims management processes, delivering better, more intimate customer experiences. 

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Sales Enablement
Provide customers with a seamless experience by reducing the time to quote. Build solutions that support self-service capabilities for straight-through processing, underwriting for complex scenarios, and dynamic document generation throughout your sales processes.
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Policy Lifecycle Orchestration
Ensure that customers are supported throughout their journey with you. Digitize and automate every aspect of the policy lifecycle, from endorsements and mid-term adjustments to policy renewals and cancelations, building applications that are best suited to your business needs.
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Claims Handling
With Flowable you can build claims management solutions that enable you to easily automate processes, from the first notification of loss to complex claims, fraud management, claims validation, and third-party orchestration. Gain visibility and simplify claims tracking with a single platform, while driving efficiency and improving customer experience.
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Internal Process Streamlining
Automate internal processes for maximum efficiency using Flowable. Streamline everything from approval and review processes, compliance, and four eyes checks to front and back-office coordination, smart work assignment, and process oversight.
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Business Orchestration
Ensure that processes across your business landscape are fully orchestrated, from straight through processing to service integration, microservices, and complex claims handling scenarios that involve human and system interactions.

Flowable Work in Insurance

Digitize processes for maximum efficiency

Ensure high quality and uninterrupted operations using a single intelligent automation platform. With the Flowable Work platform you can manage and automate workflows, track progress, and ensure security and compliance.

Code less, innovate more

Use the Flowable Work platform to quickly build and deploy low-code business applications. With our low-code approach, you can rapidly model advanced workflows, saving time and resources while unlocking business value and supporting innovation.

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"Gartner® expects that by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes."

Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Hyperautomation-Enabling Software Market to Reach Nearly $600 Billion by 2022”, April 28, 2021. GARTNER is registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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