Flowable is much more than a company. Flowable, as an open-source project, has an impact on many people’s lives far beyond business.

Jorge Mora, IT Solutions Architect

About Flowable

Flowable is the leading provider of open-source Intelligent Business Automation solutions that combine the power of Case, Process and Decision support into a single platform. Used by many of the world’s leading organizations like SAP, Dow Jones and many other Fortune-500 companies to quickly build and deploy business applications that increase business efficiency, deliver outstanding customer experience and drive operational excellence.  

Founded in 2010, Flowable has Offices in Switzerland, Germany, US and Singapore. We provide innovative solutions in Intelligent Automation, Business Process Management (BPM) and Adaptive Case Management (ACM), enabling the digital transformation of business processes. 

Our passion is to develop integrated, flexible, extensible and powerful products and solutions to use across all industries. 

Based on the long-term experience from both customer projects and product development in the BPM domain, Flowable provides world-class Intelligent Automation solutions with a strong emphasis on human-centric workflow. In cooperation with a worldwide network of partners, Flowable is dedicated to enable customers to organize their work through the fusion of BPM, ACM, enterprise content services and other technologies. 

Want to make an impact in a fast growing reality? Welcome to Flowable. We’ll strive together.

We rely on people.

_R7A0243-2-Agim Emruli_web
Agim Emruli

Chief Executive Officer

_R7A0156-2-Micha Kiener_web
Micha Kiener

Chief Technology Officer

_R7A0384-Simon Maier_web
Simon Maier

VP Operations

_R7A9982-Stefano Camuso_web
Stefano Camuso

Chief Revenue Officer

R7A9785-2-Fabio Filippelli web
Fabio Filippelli

VP Customer Success

_R7A0037-Tijs Rademakers_web.jpg
Tijs Rademakers

VP Product Engineering

_R7A0060-Clay Donley_web
Clay Donley

VP Sales Americas

_R7A0215-2-Daniela Marchese_web.jpg
Daniela Marchese


_R7A0588-Paul Homes-Higgin_web
Paul Holmes-Higgin


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