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Case Management

Simple solutions to address complex situations

Automation is an important way of reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of business processes, but it is only the first step in delivering on customer needs. There is a whole spectrum of automation scenarios, from simple and repetitive system interactions to complex, unpredictable cases that involve systems and human decisions. This is where case management comes in: it enables businesses to take control of complex scenarios and find solutions efficiently. Flowable’s case management capabilities can benefit organizations in every automation scenario.

How to spot Case Management

Case Management solutions are defined by contingency and complexity. They feature a partially structured flow, with the freedom for people to take ad-hoc actions and collaborate. Case management can be used to handle customer complaints, contract lifecycle management, onboarding, and more. 

Why Case Management?

Businesses often turn to Business Process Management solutions to coordinate their processes – these BPM applications are best at modeling repeatable sequences of activity and are unsuited to unpredictable scenarios that require human decision-making. With Case Management, businesses can easily centralize and model complex cases with the flexibility to find the right solution, whatever the problem. They can retain a high-level overview of multidimensional processes and make people-centric decisions based on a variety of factors, ensuring the best outcomes for customers or employees across cases’ entire lifecycle. 

Case Management with Flowable

Flowable can provide end-to-end automation, using CM to handle complex scenarios and leveraging BPM for repetitive parts of the overall solution. By offering all the open standards – BPMN, CMMN and DMN –  within a single flexible application, Flowable is able to help businesses create solutions that deliver operational excellence and outstanding customer experiences, no matter the automation needs. 

Discover how you can break your complex, chaotic and evolving business processes using Flowable Work’s advanced Case Management capabilities.

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