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Intelligent Automation

The platform to create intelligent, scalable automation solutions

Intelligent Business Automation gives organizations like yours the agility they need to rapidly respond to market and customer demands. With scalable automation architectures you can optimize processes for operational excellence, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Digital transformation fosters the innovation required to launch new products, retain existing clients, and achieve business growth by attracting new ones. 

What is Intelligent Business Automation?

Successful companies are turning to Intelligent Business Automation to better model both simple transactional workflows and more complex case management activities. This end-to-end approach to automation allows businesses to break down siloes and improve business optimization. It is no longer enough to simply automate processes – more intelligent and comprehensive solutions are required to deliver the outstanding levels of service that customers have come to expect. 

Why Intelligent Business Automation?

Business as usual has its limits 

Legacy IT systems and technology are holding companies back in the digital transformation initiatives. Siloed application landscapes are inefficient, lead to employee frustration, and lack the flexibility to quickly respond to market and customer needs.  

Some organizations have implemented BPM solutions to streamline transactional workflows, cherry-picking key processes for automation in combination with RPA, but this approach lacks the holistic view needed to achieve broader business outcomes. Others have tried to implement end-to-end solutions that automate every process, but this “boil the ocean” approach ends up becoming outdated as it cannot keep up with the pace of change.  

Intelligent Business Automation is future proof 

An Intelligent Business Automation solution that combines BPM, DMN, and Case Management to support a spectrum of different work patterns, from simple transactional processes to complex goal-oriented scenarios, is the answer. Intelligent Business Automation also has intuitive low-code capabilities, which enables organizations to respond to market changes, building fast, scalable solutions, and establish new “Fusion Teams” that work across disciplines to solve problems. 

Intelligent Business Automation with Flowable

Flowable provides a platform that enables businesses to create end-to-end solutions for digitizing and automating processes, streamlining operations, making use of important insights, and orchestrating systems and people. Digitally-enabled enterprises are given the tools to remain competitive within their industry with the flexibility to respond to market changes quickly. Flowable’s Intelligent Business Automation platform is used by leading organizations across financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and retail.  

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