Interface DeploymentBuilder

  • public interface DeploymentBuilder
    Builder for creating new deployments. A builder instance can be obtained through RepositoryService.createDeployment(). Multiple resources can be added to one deployment before calling the deploy() operation. After deploying, no more changes can be made to the returned deployment and the builder instance can be disposed.
    Tom Baeyens, Joram Barrez
    • Method Detail

      • addBpmnModel

        DeploymentBuilder addBpmnModel​(String resourceName,
                                       org.flowable.bpmn.model.BpmnModel bpmnModel)
      • disableSchemaValidation

        DeploymentBuilder disableSchemaValidation()
        If called, no XML schema validation against the BPMN 2.0 XSD. Not recommended in general.
      • disableBpmnValidation

        DeploymentBuilder disableBpmnValidation()
        If called, no validation that the process definition is executable on the engine will be done against the process definition. Not recommended in general.
      • parentDeploymentId

        DeploymentBuilder parentDeploymentId​(String parentDeploymentId)
        Gives the deployment the given parent deployment id.
      • enableDuplicateFiltering

        DeploymentBuilder enableDuplicateFiltering()
        If set, this deployment will be compared to any previous deployment. This means that every (non-generated) resource will be compared with the provided resources of this deployment.
      • activateProcessDefinitionsOn

        DeploymentBuilder activateProcessDefinitionsOn​(Date date)
        Sets the date on which the process definitions contained in this deployment will be activated. This means that all process definitions will be deployed as usual, but they will be suspended from the start until the given activation date.
      • deploy

        Deployment deploy()
        Deploys all provided sources to the process engine.