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    public interface Deployment
    extends org.flowable.common.engine.api.repository.EngineDeployment
    Represents a deployment that is already present in the process repository. A deployment is a container for resources such as process definitions, images, forms, etc. When a deployment is 'deployed' through the RuntimeService, the process engine will recognize certain of such resource types and act upon them (eg process definitions will be parsed to an executable Java artifact). To create a Deployment, use the DeploymentBuilder. A Deployment on itself is a read-only object and its content cannot be changed after deployment (hence the builder that needs to be used).
    Tom Baeyens, Joram Barrez
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      String getParentDeploymentId()  
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        getCategory, getDeploymentTime, getDerivedFrom, getDerivedFromRoot, getEngineVersion, getId, getKey, getName, getResources, getTenantId, isNew
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      • getParentDeploymentId

        String getParentDeploymentId()