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JANUARY 21, 2019

The Process Excellence initiative leads to a huge backlog of processes that need to be improved and digitalized. To implement this project, the bank selected Flowable as its strategic Case Management Platform.


In line with the general trend of automatization and digitalization, banks find themselves in a rapidly changing environment to face the new challenges concerning customer behavior. How do they adapt and optimize operational business processes in a scalable way?

Our customer, a Swiss Tier-1 bank, maintains a presence in all major financial centers as one of the largest Swiss banking institutions in the world. With the goal to improve operational processes in a scalable way, the bank decided to globally introduce a strategic Case Management System. Furthermore, the team was mandated to train staff to build internal knowledge of Flowable.


Global installation of Flowable Work as a strategic Case Management System on multiple booking centers feeding a global task list of the following processes:

  • Client Onboarding management through middle office

  • Onboarding of sensitive clients (e. g. politically exposed clients)

  • Onboarding of Swiss corporate and institutional clients

  • Management and approvals of unstructured payments

  • Client-facing questionnaire for the offering of basic banking products

  • The solution can be enhanced with new features and products.

Project Details

Team: 400 stakeholders, including Senior Manager, Client Advisors, Compliance Officers, IT Architects, Client Data Protection Officers, Lean Six Sigma Agents Core Team: 25 members, including Project Manager, Business Analysts, Requirements Engineers, Modelers, Developers, Solution Architects Users: > 3000 worldwide Development Period: 2017 – ongoing

Products & Technologies

  • Flowable Core

  • Flowable Work

  • ElasticSearch

  • Embeddable Form Engine (React)


The global rollout of Flowable Work on multiple booking centers feeds a global task list for client advisors on the client advisor workbench. Customer satisfaction and efficiency are increased by optimizing processes and workflows, through reports that measure KPIs and SLAs, system-based regulatory compliance and automatics notifications. A global task list provides a single place of work for all task management, providing visibility of status across business activities.

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