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NOVEMBER 24, 2020

The future of the stock market is here. SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) aims to be the world’s first regulated financial market infrastructure to enable the trading, settlement and custody of digital assets. The company digitizes complex processes such as customer onboarding with software from Flowable.

Highest requirements for digitizing and automating processes

Since all processes should be as digital and automated as possible, SDX was looking for a suitable solution for process digitization. The requirements were high: the software had to support both structured and unstructured processes, be high-performance and able to be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure. In addition, SDX wanted to support multi-channel interactions so that in the future, interaction with customers would not only take place via digital forms, but would also be supported by chat and bots. As a future-oriented company, the digital stock exchange also wants to offer modern communication channels to its customers.

Adaptive case management makes the difference

One of the great advantages of working with Flowable is its optimal support for adaptive case management. This allows SDX to digitize not only structured but also demanding, agile processes. While within a support request it is usually clearly defined which steps are performed one after the other, the processes in other areas are less predefined and require more flexibility. Flowable’s case management makes it possible to digitally map such processes and to optimize them if necessary.

Audit-proof multi-channel interaction

Another important feature is integrated multi-channel interaction. Thanks to Flowable Engage, customers can communicate with SDX via chat and interact with processes. Flowable Engage extends and enhances the underlying Flowable Work engines. As required in the banking environment, the communication is logged in an audit-proof manner. SDX receives a consolidated overview of all interaction across all channels.

Flowable is the ideal business and case management solution for us. The software enables us to create new digital processes and applications very quickly. This enables us to expand our service offering in an agile manner according to our needs.

Paul Burd, COO at SDX

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