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Digital Case Processing at a Swiss Insurance Provider

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JANUARY 21, 2019

With Digital Case Processing, Flowable provided a solution that helped our customer transform from a traditional insurance provider, to a paperless, next-generation insurance company. Flowable enables all lawyers and involved parties with respective rights in a case to have instant access to all documents and internal communications while optimizing the internal processes.


Insurers find themselves in a rapidly changing market environment. On one hand, insurance customers demand more digitalization, with continuous improvement, but expect highly personalized service. On the other hand, insurance company have business processes and cases that are very complex and have to follow government regulated compliance rules. They need to evolve from traditional insurance processes to a paperless, efficient, next-generation business, taking into account the volume of documents and processes currently handled in paper form.

Our customer is a leading Swiss insurance provider and was founded almost 100 years ago. Headquartered in Bern, the company which is one of the two largest expenses insurance companies in Switzerland offers comprehensive and independent legal protection for private individuals and companies. In order to facilitate access to information containing documents and reducing time for each case, we designed and implemented a solution to automate the business processes and provide access to all company documents in electronic format.


Flowable guided the customers through the entire solution process, from requirements engineering selecting the best technologies, to realization and implementation of the desired solution. The outcome is a new generation of digital Case and Process Management that, as an example, includes the following benefits that are now used by the insurance company on a daily basis:

  • Unified workplace: overall productivity by presenting all relevant information to employees and teams through a single portal

  • Document management: full-text search in more than a million documents – from anywhere. Comments & annotations on documents allow shorter feedback cycles. There is also the possibility to archive documents.

  • Customer Engagement: Lawyers can instantly inform customers of any event in their cases.

Project Details

Flowable Team: 14 members, including Project Manager, Architects, Requirements Engineers, Tester, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, SCRUM Master and Quality Manager Users: > 120 globally Development Period: 2015 – 2017

Products & Technologies

  • Flowable

  • Elasticsearch

  • Redis


  • REST


The easy delegation and assignment of legal cases optimizes the workflow and internal processes, resulting in a siginificant increase of efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, by implementing a scalable and elastic architecture in accordance with enforced security mechanisms, we realize high response times and achieve operational excellence.

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