Soignez-moi, a Swiss telemedicine company, redefines patient-doctor interaction by providing quality consultations for everyday symptoms online in a simple and fast way.

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Reshaping patient-doctor interactions with Flowable

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2023, a Swiss telemedicine company, redefines patient-doctor interaction by providing quality consultations for everyday symptoms online in a simple and fast way. With a focus on simplification and efficiency, uses Flowable's capabilities to streamline medical interactions and optimize decision-making processes, resulting in a more patient-centric and agile approach to healthcare.

Improving patient-doctor interactions's approach to healthcare stems from a core goal: to streamline and enhance the patient-doctor interaction by eliminating redundancies. The company developed an online questionnaire that improves the diagnostic process, ensuring timely and informed healthcare recommendations.

Patients simply complete a comprehensive form detailing their symptoms, which generates a report then shared with healthcare professionals. This report offers healthcare professionals a swift overview of the patient's health condition, expediting decisions regarding immediate intervention or remote treatment suitability. It provides healthcare professionals with data-backed suggestions while ensuring that the final decisions rest with the medical professionals.

The questionnaire can be used by a wide variety of healthcare professionals, from doctors to pharmacists. Currently, they count 23.000 patients submitting the questionnaire to get a fast reply on their symptoms.

Image: Screenshot of's workflow in Flowable Work.

Streamlining complex workflows with Flowable

When introduced its initial questionnaire version in 2019, they identified the need to simplify the intricate workflows developed in-house, bringing together the right data to provide healthcare workers with an accurate report.

The main challenge they faced when launching the first version were the cumbersome Excel files to dictate actions based on the different answers of the questionnaire. In pursuit of an effective decision management solution, that still gave them enough flexibility to execute a multitude of tasks seamlessly, Flowable emerged as the preferred platform.

The strategic choice of using Flowable was anchored in its exceptional API and DMN capabilities:

  • Flowable API: had its own development team and they already had a solution in place. Flowable's robust API capabilities facilitated seamless integration with's existing system, enhancing interoperability without needing to create everything from scratch.

  • Flowable’s DMN capabilities: With Flowable, managed to efficiently meld the existing structures with a dynamic decisioning framework, leading to optimized and logic-driven processes.

Streamlining complex workflows was a driving force behind adopting Flowable's business process management platform. Rather than relying on cumbersome Excel files to dictate actions, Flowable empowers us to design and implement processes more seamlessly.

Romain Boichat, Chief Operating Officer,

Flowable’s Decision Management capabilities as bedrock for automation

Flowable’s DMN capabilities were particularly significant for the's operations. DMN serves as a powerful tool for modeling complex decision-making processes, enabling organizations to formalize logic and rules into a standardized visual representation. By using DMN, the company has seamlessly integrated decision-making into their comprehensive questionnaire system. It proved invaluable for intricate scenarios by simplifying decision points through decision tables that trigger specific actions based on pre-defined rules.

With Flowable's DMN capabilities, the analysis of patient responses takes on a dynamic approach. As responses are submitted, the system engages DMN to assess and process the information. This advanced approach guarantees personalized recommendations that align with individual circumstances. Additionally, DMN's visual representation eased the modification and update of complex decision pathways.

It's not just about building processes; it's about assembling solutions that perfectly align with our clients' requirements.

Romain Boichat, Chief Operating Officer,

Composability for more agility and customization

Flowable's user-friendly interface and remarkable customization capability resonated with The platform's exceptional feature was its ability to swiftly adapt algorithms without exhaustive programming for individual clients. This dynamic adaptability empowers the company to cater to diverse needs effectively. Romain Boichat, COO at highlights further: “Flowable’s API gives us immense flexibility when it comes to processes. Additionally, the ability to visually alter the flow and algorithms, making minor adjustments by moving an arrow or shifting a component, resonates as a powerful driver of efficiency within our workflow.”

The ability to alter processes visually and reconfigure algorithms stands out as a compelling advantage. This granular customization optimizes processes and facilitates the swift rectification of errors or implementation of changes. Flowable's agility transcends mere speed; it embodies the importance of composable architecture.

A look into the future

By harnessing Flowable's capabilities, transformed patient-doctor interactions, optimizing processes, and elevating decision-making. Flowable's power lies in its API and DMN features, enabling tailored solutions and dynamic adaptability. This partnership exemplifies the future of healthcare: agile, patient-centric, and driven by technology. plans to further use Flowable and plan the integration of voice recognition technology into their questionnaires. By seamlessly incorporating voiceover IP technology, they aim to enhance the user experience even more so.

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