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SEBA powers digital bank innovation with Flowable

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APRIL 27, 2020

Founded in April 2018 and headquartered in Zug, SEBA is a pioneer in the financial industry, building a progressive technological bridge between the digital and traditional asset worlds.

In August 2019, SEBA received a Swiss banking and securities dealer licence – the first time a reputed regulatory authority such as FINMA has granted a licence to a financial services provider with a focus on digital assets and crypto.

Reduced manual effort due to digitalized front to back processes

Behind the scenes, setting up such a revolutionary operation requires a different kind of mindset. SEBA is not just a bank for digital assets, they also asspire to be an automated digital bank. In terms of cost, control and quality, their philosophy as a digital bank is that it’s not a trade-off – either you win on all three or you lose on all three.

This aim to make SEBA one of the most automated financial services operations is driven by a strategy to achieve zero marginal cost as it grows – through rigorous enterprise architecture and digital business process automation. The financial services provider has paved its way to this goal with Flowable, whose business process and case management solution (BPM and CMMN) exactly meet SEBA’s needs.

The overarching requirement is to ensure that all process-orientated actions are tracked by the Digital Process Automation (DPA) solution allowing management to understand, analyze and optimize processes from end to end, including client interactions, 3rd party vendors and existing workflow enabled systems.

DPA is a core technology for the bank and as such its selection process was exhaustive. SEBA evaluated 16 competing solutions that were assessed for functional and technical capabilities as well as economic and company profile. Three vendors were shortlisted and subsequently subject to detailed assessment and scoring. Flowable prevailed.

“It is clear that Flowable’s combination of low-code architecture, openness and deep integration capability offers us the potential to deliver on our vision of a digital bank without compromise.”

Alistair Heggie, Head of Operational Risk and Enterprise Architect for SEBA

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