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Kindred builds loan automation within 5 days using Flowable

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OCTOBER 6, 2020

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Kindred Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative. With eight full-service branches in Southwestern Ontario and based on a values-centered and faith-inspired approach, Kindred offers a complete range of banking, investing, and borrowing products and services.

Kindred initially intended to use Flowable in order to digitize their processes and achieve innovative and impactful products, services, and programs. But as the Covid-19 pandemic unexpectedly started to challenge their existing solution for loan processing, they quickly changed their agenda.

Short time to market thanks to low code capability

To adapt to the new financial needs that their personal and business members were facing with the outbreak of the pandemic, the financial cooperative quickly came up with a new agenda on how to benefit from having just purchased Flowable. By focusing on an automated workflow for emergency loans to support business members suffering from the Covid-19-related economic downturn, they built a successful new system within only five days.

Tim Miller Dyck, Developer Kindred

The same week we got our license keys, our team was asked to build a new lending system for COVID-19 emergency loans. We set up development, test and production installs of Flowable in the next few days and went live with the workflow the following week.

Tim Miller Dyck, Developer and Data Analyst

Using Flowable allows companies to manage even complex processes fast and efficiently thanks to intelligent automation. Companies can model and automate their business processes with little effort and benefit from a fast time-to-market as well as the chance to create solutions without the need for technical know-how due to the low code functionality.

Intelligent Automation provides new potential

At the moment Kindred benefits from a faster time to market with new apps, a content management system and full automation internally, coming with significant cost savings and improving efficiencies. But as a new customer to Flowable, Kindred has a lot more projects planned: A look into the future suggests the further use of Flowable for additional workflow automation, more use of Flowable’s template document functionality, and integration between Flowable and Kindred’s electronic document management system.

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