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Award-winning MedTech company Axial3D reduces order processing time by 30% with Flowable

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FEBRUARY 8, 2023

Multi-award-winning MedTech company Axial3D chose Flowable to improve the efficiency and scalability of its Order Management System.

Axial3D offers a cloud-based segmentation platform that converts 2D medical imaging into patient-specific, clinically relevant 3D visualizations and 3D printed anatomical models. Physicians and medical device companies globally use Axial3D’s 3D solutions to enhance pre-operative planning, save time and costs, improve patient outcomes, and scale patient-specific programs.

Ramping up from manual processes

Over the last few years, Axial3D has recorded rapid growth. With an increased volume of orders across the globe, Axial3D quickly recognized the need for a new Order Management System that, first, allowed moving on from manual tasks and, second, allowed for a holistic overview and management of the process.

A solution to help increasing efficiency and scalability of the Order Management System was required to get patient-specific models into customers' hands as fast as possible. Additionally, being in a highly regulated industry, the solution should not only allow Axial3D to automate processes end-to-end but also ensure regulatory compliance.

Axial3D chose Flowable as the right solution for improving their Order Management System for five main reasons:

  • Flowable could easily be integrated into the already existing landscape. As a cloud-ready solution, it met the requirement of allowing deployment to AWS

  • Flowable makes it easy to manage sensitive data and create rules to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Flowable’s model-driven capabilities allowed for rapid process orchestration

  • Flowable's ease of use meant Axial3D could extend and maintain the process independently after the project was completed

  • Flowable’s additional consulting and training allowed upskilling employees

Reducing order processing time by 30%

Axial3D used Flowable Work to improve the Order Management System which is tightly integrated with the ordering platform used by Axial3D’s end customers.

Axial3D’s main goal was to develop a well-structured production process for the Order Management System. The new process created with Flowable has exceeded expectations, allowing Axial3D to reduce the order processing time by 30% in the first three months.

Thanks to Flowable’s easy-to-use interface, its model-driven capabilities, and BPMN, CMMN, and DMN engines, the Axial3D team was able to take business processes and model them into Flowable Work processes with ease.

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We are really excited about the data from our first 3 months showing a reduction in the order processing time of approximately 30% since the deployment of our solution using Flowable.

Rory Hanratty, Chief Technology Officer at Axial3D

The systems are currently being used in 3 locations: the UK, the US, and EU and there’s additionally one admin view that allows to get an overview of all 3 sites. With the new system, the operator can assign, track and manage orders. Predefined rules help to prioritize the orders based on customizable criteria, for example, the order received date, the deadline, the location (UK, US, EU).

Since using the new Order Management System developed with Flowable Axial3D reduced the amount of data being entered manually to zero, resulting in significant time savings for its production team.

The information captured throughout the process has significantly improved, increasing the ease with which audit trails can be compiled. Flowable allows Axial3D to both manage and process orders end-to-end within one system, facilitating smart prioritization and information management required for their Quality Management System.

Axial 3D_portrait_image_rory_hanratty

The flowable platform has allowed Axial3D to rapidly implement an end-to-end Order Management Service that runs natively on AWS, integrated with our systems. Flowable helped us create the building blocks for future development and upskilling our team so we can take on future development with confidence.

Rory Hanratty, Chief Technology Officer at Axial3D

A look into the future

The Order Management System is the first of many solutions built and deployed using Flowable as Axial3D identifies the next set of business processes that require automation and scaling in response to the growing success of the business.

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