No-code Integration of Salesforce and Flowable

Orchestrate external services effortlessly and improve CRM data management with Flowable and Salesforce.

No-code Integration of Salesforce and Flowable

February 29, 2024 | 16:00 CET or 10:00 EST | Live webinar  

Enterprises worldwide, committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, turn to Salesforce as their CRM. Flowable, in turn, provides a seamless and uncomplicated avenue for integrating with Salesforce through a no-code approach. In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of orchestrating external services within Flowable:

  • Learn how to integrate CRM data with cases and processes in Flowable and how this out-of-the-box integration increases the efficiency of your workflows, resulting in significant time savings.

  • See how Flowable’s user-friendly interface simplifies the integration process while providing customizability and flexibility.

  • Join us for a live demo that will dive deeper into the specifics of integrating Salesforce with Flowable and see how the integration improves CRM data management and streamlines business processes.

Meet the speakers

Joram Barrez bw

Joram Barrez

Product Software Architect

Valentin Zickner bw

Valentin Zickner

Product Software Architect

Arthur Hupka-Merle bw

Arthur Hupka-Merle

Product Software Architect