No-code Integration of Salesforce and Flowable

Orchestrate external services effortlessly and improve CRM data management with Flowable and Salesforce.

No-code Integration of Salesforce and Flowable

Enterprises worldwide, committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, use Salesforce as their CRM. Flowable, in turn, provides a seamless and uncomplicated avenue for integrating with Salesforce through a no-code approach.

In this on-demand webinar, we showcase the Flowable out-of-the-box connector for Salesforce in a real-world scenario. Use this new integration to:

  • Automate CRM-specific workflows, such as customer onboarding and contract-to-invoice processes.

  • Ensure data consistency and compliance with Salesforce audit trails.

  • Overcome departmental silos by enabling different teams to leverage CRM capabilities.

  • Enhance collaboration, prevent data gaps, and optimize resource allocation.

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Meet the speakers

Joram Barrez bw

Joram Barrez

Product Software Architect

Valentin Zickner bw

Valentin Zickner

Product Software Architect

Arthur Hupka-Merle bw

Arthur Hupka-Merle

Product Software Architect