Low-code, high impact Flowable & CMMN in complex use cases

Discover how CMMN & low-code can transform your approach to managing unstructured and adaptive cases , complementing BPMN in end-to-end automation.

On-demand webinar | Low-code, high impact

This webinar is all about action – starting with a blank canvas, we'll construct a case using Flowable as we delve into CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation). Dive into a real-world use case and see how CMMN can efficiently handle complaints, orders, and special offers - all within the customer journey.

Discover how:  

  • CMMN offers a unique framework to orchestrate and adapt workflows in response to real-world changes. 

  • CMMN complements BPMN to enhance agility by allowing to seamlessly manage unstructured and adaptive cases.  

  • Low-code, coupled with CMMN accelerates the creation of dynamic, adaptable case management solutions. 

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Meet the speakers

Joram Barrez bw

Joram Barrez

Product Software Architect

Valentin Zickner bw

Valentin Zickner

Product Software Architect

Arthur Hupka-Merle bw

Arthur Hupka-Merle

Product Software Architect