Webinar Using ChatGPT to enhance case and process modeling

Business Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Using ChatGPT to enhance case and process modeling

How can AI be integrated to facilitate and enhance automation?  

Recently OpenAI and ChatGPT have stirred up the conversation around the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on different industries. Given the increasing interest in AI and the discussion of its economic and social impact, we are curious to know about its potential benefits for process and case modeling.

Watch our webinar to:

  • Get a demo of the potential integration between OpenAI and Flowable in Flowable Design and Flowable Work.

  • See how to enrich Flowable models with ChatGPT based on different use cases.

  • See how to create a process model in Flowable Design and use ChatGPT to create expressions.

  • Gain valuable insights into the benefits of AI in process and case modeling, and how it can help optimize your workflow.


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