How to improve customer service guide

Get closer to your customers from anywhere, at any time, on their terms. The Messenger integration of Flowable Engage promises great potential for customers with high service requirements. By using their favorite messaging applications, you can become a seamless part of their digital world. Fill out the form and get the Flowable guide now.

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Flowable Engage for a frictionless communication

In this how-to guide, you will learn which factors characterize customer services with a good user experience. Using current surveys, the guide shows why the use of messenger services is important for customer communication and how mobile solutions can be used by companies in a targeted and audit-proof manner. The guide will introduce Flowable Engage as a solution to turn customer service into real added value for both, companies and clients. Finally, a personal checklist gives an overview of the most important to-dos on the way to using messenger services.

How to offer great customer service:

Communicate personally
React in time
Advise efficiently
Be available

How to satisfy customers with digital solutions:

Best practices
Flowable Engage
Your checklist
Further information and reads