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Service Orchestration

Orchestrate your business landscape and deploy advanced end-to-end process automation solutions from a leading open-source platform.

Orchestrate the Flow of Information

Flowable Orchestrate combines the power of CMMN, BPMN, and DMN to enable your teams to create efficient workflows that automate complex tasks and model business processes and customer journeys to drive operational excellence. Its open-source technology prevents vendor lock-in and brings with it wide code validation from a skilled and experienced community.


Seamless business orchestration leads to frictionless customer and employee experiences. With Flowable Orchestrate, you can standardize, automate, and digitize your business processes to drive productivity and increase time-to-value. Map customer journeys and straight-through processes directly into process models, integrating with other systems and services as needed, and collect and connect your business data through process flows.

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Flowable Orchestrate’s advanced case management capabilities excel at modeling complex business scenarios, allowing teams to easily manage unstructured, multi-player, and unpredictable situations with a high degree of flexibility. Cases can describe the actions available and the consequences of activities in different contexts, such as handling alerts from IoT devices for human or system mediation.

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Decision Management is vital for establishing business rules in a process or case. With Flowable Orchestrate, we provide you with a comprehensive set of digital tools to help your teams model dynamic and complex scenarios that respond to your business needs.

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Flowable Orchestrate can create models that define how low-level events are mapped into high-level business events. These events can then be used throughout the case and process models, so even if small details need to change, your Business Automation models remain consistent.

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What's inside Flowable Orchestrate?

Flowable Orchestrate utilizes a range of best-in-class open-source capabilities to help your teams navigate an increasingly complex IT landscape. It supports end-to-end business automation that can handle everything from straight-through processing to long-lived scenarios involving human and system interactions. 

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Straight-Through Processing
Run transactional and auditable processes by transferring information from system to system without the need for human intervention.
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Embedded Automation
Flowable Orchestrate enables you to embed any automation solution within your existing custom, OEM or white-labeled platforms.
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Coordinate the flow of data between humans and services across multiple use cases, from order management and provisioning to data pipelining and claims handling. With automation models based on open standards, Flowable Orchestrate is API-ready and can provide solutions with microservice coordination.
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Internet Scale
Deploy countless processes at scale, embedding Flowable’s engines within microservices or use them to run millions of processes an hour to enhance platform performance and team productivity.
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Cloud Native
Flowable Orchestrate fits naturally into a wide range of deployment architectures, allowing you to leverage all your DevOps tools and experience. Fully automate Flowable through its rich REST API and easily leverage additional services in the cloud, from AI services to social media and other content services.
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Fully Extensible
Flowable Orchestrate can be extended and customized from the inside out. Use script languages within case and process models to customize behavior easily as part of the standard modeling life-cycle. Alternatively, use custom Java code to provide additional or alternative implementations of process and case execution.

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