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Customer Engagement

Interact with your customer on their terms. By using their favorite messaging applications, you can become a seamless part of their digital world.

Frictionless Customer Engagement

Flowable Engage allows you to have frictionless conversations with customers using the chat applications they already know and love. Provide tailored support in real-time via WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and more, with a complete view of all the channels for comprehensive case management and decision making.

Multichannel Approach

Flowable facilitates conversations across a wide variety of channels. Choose the right one for your customer and maintain a consolidated 360° view of all chats across every channel.

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Secure & Compliant

Flowable Engage is designed to handle sensitive business communications and data in a legally compliant way, no matter the industry. Manage permissions and visibility, ensuring that the right people can access the right information, and retain all messages and data to make them easily auditable. 

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Multimedia Integration

Share any type of media with your customers in real-time to create better experiences. Flowable Engage supports the use of text message, audio, video, as well as image, file, and document sharing. 

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What's inside Flowable Engage?

Flowable Engage has a range of features to enhance communications between you and your customers. 

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WhatsApp and More
Flowable Engage works with popular chat applications, from WhatsApp, to WeChat, Line, and even custom apps. Wherever your customer likes to communicate, reach them there.
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Service Desk & Tickets
Flowable Engage enables your customers to easily raise service requests through chat. Desk agents manage a set of ticket conversations for each request, responding to escalations and linking conversations for an instant overview, offering a best-in-class customer service experience.
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Digital Assistants
Help your customers navigate applications and provide them with useful tips using built-in, configurable chatbots.
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Group Conversations
Create group conversations with multiple participants that serve specific purposes and moderate those chats with one or more channel administrators.
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Reporting & Insights
Get a clear overview of customer interactions and service requests, with analytics on the number and duration of conversations. Search for information in chats with text constraints on factors like dates and the individuals involved.
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Configurable User Lifecycle
Onboard external users to chat accounts using personalized customer journey and client controls through a customizable, low-code interface.
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Message Templates & Slash Commands
Boost efficiency and consistency by creating and managing message templates for specific customer conversations and deploy them through digital assistants. With Slash commands, build shortcuts for frequent actions, such as starting a new case or process.
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All your data is searchable, in a secure and compliant manner. In every channel. With Flowable Engage you can search all the needed information to support any potential investigation, ensuring your full compliance.

Start your Flowable experience by getting access to Flowable Design cloud edition, Flowable Work cloud edition and the Flowable Work self-managed app.

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