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Leverage a cutting-edge automation platform to accelerate digital transformation throughout your customer network.

Drive innovation with Flowable

Join a global network of companies already benefiting from Flowable automation platform, ensuring you can rely on a robust and expansive community for support and collaboration. Tailored for adaptability, scalability, and efficiency, Flowable empowers organizations to orchestrate and optimize their processes seamlessly. From streamlining workflows to automating complex tasks, Flowable is the catalyst for driving operational excellence.

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Why partner with Flowable?

Bridge any complexity and increase efficiency with Flowable.  

We are open: source, architecture, standards
  • Source: widely available expertise and experience

  • Architecture: extend and customize at all levels, including UI

  • Standards: easy to integrate, helps you to connect and orchestrate

We are flexible: wide range of business models
  • No-code, Low-code & Pro-code

  • More agility for composable enterprise business

  • Wide range of models: from process and case to security, integration, data, and UI

  • We have migration paths available

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We are scalable: enterprise-ready
  • From microservice to internet scale

  • Low and linear resource requirements

  • High availability

  • Chose what is best for your client – on-prem or SAAS

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