Flowable Partner Program

Become a Flowable partner and grow your story with us!

Uncover the potential of tailored collaboration

At Flowable, we understand that partnerships come in various forms, tailored to your unique preferences and business goals. Whether you prefer the flexibility of a Flowable Network Partner or the strategic advantages of a Flowable Strategic Partner, the choice is yours.

Flowable Network Partner

For those seeking a foundational connection, the Partner Network offers a versatile platform. Stay seamlessly connected with us, access valuable resources, and participate in events that align with your business objectives. It's the perfect entry point to explore collaboration at your own pace.

Exclusive benefits:

Request a demo for your project
Deal registration and a 10% referral fee
Offerings for training and certification
Request your 60-day trial for your project
Access our tech and enablement center
Get sales & presales support

Flowable Strategic Partner

Exclusive benefits:

Get listed in our Partner Finder for enhanced visibility
Enjoy the support of a dedicated Partner Sales Manager
Benefit from protected deal registration for reselling or referring Flowable
Get an extended 60-day trial for your project
Unlock exclusive discounts on services and training
Take advantage of special enablement offerings and dedicated partner office hours
Showcase your expertise with badges to validate your knowledge to customers
Tap into marketing funds for collaborative co-marketing initiatives

Ready to take collaboration to the next level? Apply as Strategic Partner. This program opens the door to a world of joint opportunities, allowing you to integrate Flowable into your services and customer projects. Benefit from referral incentives, reseller rebates, or dive into technology, accessing special content, and enablement offerings. A deep collaboration — the Partner Program is your gateway to transforming the market alongside us.

Become a partner
Become part of a fast-growing community.