Team - Flowable


The Flowable Project comprises people who are committed to creating the best Java BPM technology and making it available to everyone through Open Source.

Tijs Rademakers

Project Lead

Tijs is the project lead at Flowable. He’s been involved in Java, BPM and enterprise integration projects for more than 15 years. Recently his work focused on building the v6 engine and he’s eager to continue evolving the v6 engine in the Flowable project. Tijs is passionate about open source BPM and integration. He’s the author of the Activiti in Action and Open source ESBs in Action Manning books.

Joram Barrez

Core Flowable developer

Joram is a core developer at Flowable with many years experience in open-source software and of building scalable process engines. He co-founded the Activiti project (on which Flowable is based) and was a core developer for over six years. When a principal software engineer at Alfresco, he was part of the team that architected and brought the enterprise business process management offerings successfully to market. Before that he was employed by JBoss/RedHat as part of the jBPM team and started his career as a Java consultant with a focus on BPM.

Filip Hrisafov

Flowable developer

Filip got interested in BPM while working on his Master Thesis: Automatic Migration of Running Process Instances. Currently, he works at Flowable, where he focuses the backend of the various products using Flowable.
Being an open source enthusiast, he is the project lead of MapStruct and a contributor to multiple Open Source projects.

Paul Holmes-Higgin

Paul has a long history with technology, currently with Flowable.
Previously, he was a co-founder of Alfresco, holding a number of executive positions there. He was instrumental in bringing the Activiti BPM engine to market (of course, the engineers maintain it was their hard work). Before that, there were a couple of start-ups, plus time with Documentum, Resumix and IBM. All after a spell in academia with an AI group, somehow blagging a PhD in the process.
In his spare time, he enjoys sprint and marathon kayaking.

Yvo Swillens

Core Flowable developer

Yvo is a passionate full stack and iOS developer at Flowable.
He was part of the Alfresco Activiti core team. Before that he worked as a consultant and software architect.
For V6 he developed a significant part of the new DMN Rule Engine.

Micha Kiener

Flowable developer

Micha, CTO at Flowable, is responsible for the company’s product strategy and vision. Prior to his position at Flowable, he was in charge of research and innovation at mimacom, an international services company focusing on Java and Open Source technologies. He has many years of practical experience in mid- to large-sized case- and process-applications in various domains.

Martin Grofcik

Flowable developer

Java developer focused on BPM at Flowable. Martin is founder of flowable-crystalball (simulation engine for Flowable platform).

Josh Long

Flowable developer

Josh (@starbuxman) is the Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal. Josh is a Java Champion, author of 5 books (including O’Reilly’s upcoming Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry) and 3 best-selling video trainings (including Building Microservices with Spring Boot Livelessons with Spring Boot co-founder Phil Webb), and an open-source contributor (Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud and Vaadin).

Wouter Blancquaert

Flowable developer

Software engineer with a keen interest in building large-scale distributed systems using the latest and greatest open-source technologies.

Frederik Heremans

Flowable developer

Co-founder and tech lead at Hivemind, based in Belgium. Former Alfresco employee and Activiti core developer. 33% backend, 33% frontend, 33% devops (and 1% rounding error).

Yannick Spillemaeckers

Flowable developer

Yannick is an open source consultant at Inuits specialised in BPM. He is focussed on designing and optimising business processes while dealing with the technical implementations and integrations.

Robert Hafner

Flowable developer

Principal Software Developer at SAS Institute Inc. focused on the development and integration of an event-driven BPM service within the micro service architecture of the SAS Viya platform.

Lori Small

Flowable developer

Senior Domain Specialist at SAS Institute Inc. with a background in business process re-engineering experience in solution architecture, integration, event management and all cycles of development from design to implementation and testing.

David Malkovsky

Flowable developer

David is a software developer working at Flowable with many years of software development and management experience who has been involved with workflow related technologies since 2009 (previously for a very large privately held software company).

Marcus Klimstra

Flowable developer

Marcus is a Software Architect at CGI, where he works as the technical lead for an innovative workflow-based software development platform based on Activiti/Flowable.

Jean Marie Pascal

Flowable developer

Just another (French) Software engineer at Flowable focused on Mobility and API design. Previously he worked as Mobile Technical Leader in Alfresco and created mobile BPMN clients.

Pascal Schumacher

Flowable developer

Pascal is software developer who likes to contribute back to open source projects he uses at work.

Valentin Zickner

Flowable developer

Valentin is a Flowable developer at mimacom. Besides Cloud Foundry, Spring, Angular, Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ, he keeps a focus on the Flowable engines. He recently relocated to the USA and is doing Flowable consulting there.

José Antonio Álvarez

Flowable developer

José is a hands-on software architect and developer with several years of experience in open source. As Head Solutions Architect at Flowable, he likes to solve real-world problems with simple, elegant and performant solutions.
Previously he worked at edorasware, where he helped develop the edoras one platform (based on Flowable) and successfully deliver projects for customers in the financial, telco, insurance and other sectors.

William Witt

Flowable developer

William is a full stack engineer with a passion for open source software. He has developed applications for education, logistics, and healthcare both in the public and private sectors. He is currently employed as a principle software engineer at Flowable.

Javier Casal

Flowable developer

Javi is a spanish software engineer at Flowable. Full stack, but recently more focused on the frontend side of things.

Simon Amport

Flowable developer

Simon is a software developer with several years of experience in Java. As a solution consultant at Flowable he is always in contact with customers who are working with the Flowable engines in their daily business. In the past years he successfully integrated Flowable for many customers and more will follow.