Class FlowableTestHelper

  • public class FlowableTestHelper
    extends Object
    A Helper for the Flowable FlowableExtension that can be used within the JUnit Jupiter context store and users can use it in the tests for easy modifying of the ProcessEngine time and easy access for waiting on the job executor.
    Filip Hrisafov
    • Field Detail

      • deploymentIdFromDeploymentAnnotation

        protected String deploymentIdFromDeploymentAnnotation
    • Constructor Detail

      • FlowableTestHelper

        public FlowableTestHelper​(ProcessEngine processEngine)
    • Method Detail

      • getDeploymentIdFromDeploymentAnnotation

        public String getDeploymentIdFromDeploymentAnnotation()
      • setDeploymentIdFromDeploymentAnnotation

        public void setDeploymentIdFromDeploymentAnnotation​(String deploymentIdFromDeploymentAnnotation)
      • waitForJobExecutorToProcessAllJobs

        public void waitForJobExecutorToProcessAllJobs​(long maxMillisToWait,
                                                       long intervalMillis)
      • setCurrentTime

        public void setCurrentTime​(Date date)
      • setCurrentTime

        public void setCurrentTime​(Instant instant)