Interface ProcessInstanceHistoryLog

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    public interface ProcessInstanceHistoryLog
    A trail of data for a given process instance.
    Joram Barrez
    • Method Detail

      • getBusinessKey

        String getBusinessKey()
        The user provided unique reference to this process instance.
      • getProcessDefinitionId

        String getProcessDefinitionId()
        The process definition reference.
      • getStartTime

        Date getStartTime()
        The time the process was started.
      • getEndTime

        Date getEndTime()
        The time the process was ended.
      • getStartActivityId

        String getStartActivityId()
        The start activity.
      • getDeleteReason

        String getDeleteReason()
        Obtains the reason for the process instance's deletion.
      • getSuperProcessInstanceId

        String getSuperProcessInstanceId()
        The process instance id of a potential super process instance or null if no super process instance exists
      • getTenantId

        String getTenantId()
        The tenant identifier for the process instance.
      • getHistoricData

        List<org.flowable.common.engine.api.history.HistoricData> getHistoricData()
        The trail of data, ordered by date (ascending). Gives a replay of the process instance.