Interface HistoricActivityInstance

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    public interface HistoricActivityInstance
    extends org.flowable.common.engine.api.history.HistoricData
    Represents one execution of an activity and it's stored permanent for statistics, audit and other business intelligence purposes.
    Christian Stettler, Joram Barrez
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        String getId()
        The unique identifier of this historic activity instance.
      • getActivityId

        String getActivityId()
        The unique identifier of the activity in the process
      • getActivityName

        String getActivityName()
        The display name for the activity
      • getActivityType

        String getActivityType()
        The XML tag of the activity as in the process file
      • getProcessDefinitionId

        String getProcessDefinitionId()
        Process definition reference
      • getProcessInstanceId

        String getProcessInstanceId()
        Process instance reference
      • getExecutionId

        String getExecutionId()
        Execution reference
      • getTaskId

        String getTaskId()
        The corresponding task in case of task activity
      • getCalledProcessInstanceId

        String getCalledProcessInstanceId()
        The called process instance in case of call activity
      • getAssignee

        String getAssignee()
        Assignee in case of user task activity
      • getStartTime

        Date getStartTime()
        Time when the activity instance started
      • getEndTime

        Date getEndTime()
        Time when the activity instance ended
      • getTransactionOrder

        Integer getTransactionOrder()
        Get transaction order value
      • getDeleteReason

        String getDeleteReason()
        Returns the delete reason for this activity, if any was set (if completed normally, no delete reason is set)
      • getTenantId

        String getTenantId()
        Returns the tenant identifier for the historic activity