Class FlowableActivityEventImpl

    • Field Detail

      • activityId

        protected String activityId
      • activityName

        protected String activityName
      • activityType

        protected String activityType
      • behaviorClass

        protected String behaviorClass
    • Constructor Detail

      • FlowableActivityEventImpl

        public FlowableActivityEventImpl​(org.flowable.common.engine.api.delegate.event.FlowableEngineEventType type)
    • Method Detail

      • getActivityId

        public String getActivityId()
        Specified by:
        getActivityId in interface FlowableActivityEvent
        the id of the activity this event is related to. This corresponds to an id defined in the process definition.
      • setActivityId

        public void setActivityId​(String activityId)
      • setActivityName

        public void setActivityName​(String activityName)
      • setActivityType

        public void setActivityType​(String activityType)
      • setBehaviorClass

        public void setBehaviorClass​(String behaviorClass)