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Flowable LEAP

Migration without migraine - For every BPMN model

Migration from legacy BPM products doesn’t have to be painful.

There is an easier way to migrate all your active processes and all your historical data – and it’s called Flowable LEAP.

Flowable comes from a long heritage of open source BPM. By sharing the same origin as other BPM products, we have been able to develop Flowable LEAP, a tool that will support your “live” migration of BPM installations.  

Migrate your enterprise or open source BPM installation with our free to use validation tool, Flowable LEAP, and Flowable’s built-in DUAL runtime technology.

Flowable LEAP - Validation and Migration of any BPMN model

Flowable LEAP is a free tool that allows you to run a report ahead of time to see exactly what is involved in migrating your specialized processes. Migrate your BPMN instance to Flowable in-place, including all active processes and history.

Fill out the form to get access to both, Flowable LEAP Cloud and the Flowable LEAP App.

View the documentation page for details on how to run Flowable LEAP.

You can also go directly to the Flowable LEAP Cloud Version.

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Step 1: Validate BPMN models

Upload your BPMN XML files with the Flowable LEAP cloud-version or
Download the app and connect directly to your BPM databases 
View all aspects of the validation in an instant, see if there are unsupported elements and get suggestions on how to fix those

Step 2: Execute your runtime

Database updated in-place, keeping all in-flight processes 
Run in legacy compatibility mode
Switch to latest mode as and when needed