What can Flowable do for your enterprise?

Flowable is a platform for continuous digital evolution. It lets you scale your competitive advantages and streamline your operations, while also offering the automation, insights and orchestration essential to digitally-driven enterprises.

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Deliver great customer experiences

Apple, Amazon and Google are now your competition when it comes to customer expectations. Flowable helps you deliver the great experiences needed to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Boost customer retention

Consumer loyalty is down while consumer expectations are up. Keep existing customers and attract new ones by providing exceptional service – Flowable helps you do it efficiently and repeatably.

Master multichannel

Build a natural relationship with your customers across every touchpoint. Provide consistently good experiences, no matter if they call, visit in-person or use digital channels.

Differentiate with conversations

Flowable’s conversational service capabilities let you deliver a compelling mix of automated and personal service via chat platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat, even when you are in a highly-regulated industry.

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Deliver custom documents

Create attractive documents from customer data and custom templates. Use text, images, custom logic and more. Output Microsoft Word or PDF documents and automatically deliver them.

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Streamline your operations

Flowable can help make customers happier and people more productive. But what about the big picture? How do you improve your operations as a whole?

See what’s happening at a glance

From timelines and history logs to heat maps and performance graphs, Flowable lets you understand what’s happening at micro and macro levels across your business.

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Rapidly add capabilities with low-code

Anything that you can visually model in Flowable can be quickly deployed as a stand-alone application – with no software development required.

Improve data management

Flowable makes it easy to collect data and keep it well-managed and well-structured for easy use by people, processes and systems.

Orchestrate systems & services

Add process and intelligence to your integrations and micro-service orchestration. Choose between REST, Spring and Java APIs – or use Apache Camel or MuleSoft.

Raise staff productivity and satisfaction

Your enterprise is powered by people. Flowable lets them focus on the most important, meaningful and satisfying work by automating routine tasks and simplifying complex processes.

Empower staff with virtual assistants

Virtual digital assistants can automate routine tasks like filing information and opening new cases, as well as suggesting relevant cases, information and processes.

See the Conversational Banking example ➜

Manage complexity with cases

Confidently handle complex and arbitrary business activities – such as incident management and on-boarding – that involve multiple people and systems over time.

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Automate routine activities

Bring more speed, efficiency, quality and consistency to both routine and complex activities with Flowable’s automation capabilities.

Better information management

Dark channels like chat and email make it hard to find and manage information. Flowable shines a light on the situation, helping you to manage information and projects across your enterprise.


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