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End-To-End Automation: Hype or Hyperautomation?

Pivot change for growth by optimizing operational processes

Transform and optimize operational processes with Hyperautomation.

Changing market requirements and the disruption of business processes has imposed several challenges to businesses worldwide. Research shows that organizations that don’t automate and innovate are destined to fall behind.

In this context, Hyperautomation has emerged as one of the top strategic technology trends. What is Hyperautomation or end-to-end automation, what are its benefits, and how can it be used to enable true business transformation? Find out in our new whitepaper!

Whitepaper: Hype or Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is about choosing the right processes to automate, then applying the right mix of technologies to rapidly create intelligent automation solutions on a broad scale.

Combining low-code, composability, best-of-breed and process orchestration, it supports your efforts to empower knowledge workers and progress your business.

Flowable is used by organizations worldwide to orchestrate end-to-end automation flows across multiple services and systems. Thanks to its innate BPMS/CM capabilities, model-driven flexibility, and rich interfaces it can be integrated within any technology landscape.

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What are the benefits of end-to-end automation?

For Business Leaders

Hyperautomation increases agility, enabling organizations to quickly adapt and scale according to new requirements and demands.
Hyperautomation allows knowledge workers to spend less time doing manual tasks, allowing them to do what they do best, thus leading to optimized resources and increased efficiency.
End-to-end automation enables smooth, fast, and transparent interactions with customers, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction, and ultimately supporting business growth.

For IT Leaders

Hyperautomation supports agility and composability. By assembling reusable components in a low-code environment, existing processes can be modified or new ones can be orchestrated in no time according to market changes and demands.
Hyperautomation leverages best-of-breed components to create lightweight, enterprise-strength applications, minimizing development time and maximizing application capabilities.
End-to-end automation uses objective analysis of business operations and connects different departments, fostering collaboration to automate the right processes at the right time.

Hype or Hyperautomation? Download this free whitepaper and:

Understand how Hyperautomation uses the right mix of technology to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction and support business scalability.
Read how end-to-end automation improves alignment with corporate goals, speeds up development, and maximizes application capabilities.
Understand how end-to-end orchestration, low-code capabilities, best-of-breed approach, and composability are key to achieving transformation.
Dive into a property insurance use case to better understand the methods, technologies, and benefits related to Hyperautomation in action.

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