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At the core of the Flowable products are fast, modern process and case management and rules engines that are open source and fully support the BPMN, CMMN, and DMN open standards.

Flowable Open Source Documentation

Welcome to the Flowable Open Source Documentation. Here you can find guides and reference documents to help you develop applications and services that use Flowable BPM. This documentation is under constant update, so make sure to visit this page regularly.

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Talks and Tutorials

If you just want to download Flowable and have a quick play, this is a good article to follow:

Here are some Talks we've given:

Taming the event chaos with a workflow engineby Filip Hrisafov & Joram Barrez
Building an enterprise product on top of Spring Boot by Filip Hrisafov and Joram Barrez @ Spring I/O
[VDZ22] Taming the event chaos with a workflow engine by Filip Hrisafov, Joram Barrez
Finovate Europe 2019, Paul Holmes Higgin, Chief Product Officer at Flowable
Debugging cases and processes with Flowable Inspect
Paul Holmes-Higgin, CPO at Flowable, about the need for Intelligent Business Automation
Flowable: Business Process Deployment Pipeline with Integrated Validation
Flowable business processing from Kafka events by Tijs Rademakers & Joram Barrez
Introducing AI to the Flowable Process Engines - Paul Holmes Higgin y Joram Barrez @paulrhh
Introducing the Flowable Process Engines by Paul Holmes Higgin & Joram Barrez
Flowable + Serverless Part II

And links to some others:

Josh Long: Spring Tips: Business Process Management with Flowable


The user guides contain a detailed explanation of the different Flowable engine features. BPMN for process management, CMMN for case management, and DMN for decision rules.

Rest API

Flowable has rich REST APIs that provides almost full coverage of the Flowable Java APIs. These are the easiest and most flexible APIs to work with. In addition we’ve added Swagger in Flowable v6. Boot up the Flowable REST app to try it out by accessing the host:

Flowable Migration

The migration guide provides information on how to upgrade Flowable or Activiti v5 to Flowable v6. There are no database changes needed and for most people just renames of packages and classes.

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