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Celebrating Intelligent Business Process Automation

Due to an unforeseeable worldwide pandemic, it has been quiet around FlowFest over the past two years. We used this time, to evolve and enrich business process management to meet the overarching needs of business automation. This year we were finally able to host FlowFest again, organizing an even better event to showcase our contributions to providing a platform to create and evolve innovative end-to-end business processes.


FlowFest'22 Agenda

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Tech Stream

What's new in Flowable - Tijs Rademakers, VP Product Engineering, Flowable

Taking forms to another level - Orlando De Mauro, Product Software Engineer, Flowable

Scripting for smart solutions - Joram Barrez, Principal Software Architect, Flowable

Event-based sharding for hyper-scaling - Filip Hrisafov, Expert Platform Architect, Flowable

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Architect Stream

Dynamic UX through models, not code - Micha Kiener, Chief Technology Officer, Flowable

Low-code integration with Data Objects - Roman Saratz, Senior Solution Architect, Flowable

How to survive at scale - Greg Harley, Senior Solution Architect, Flowable

Flowable futures: new designs and process chains - Paul Holmes-Higgin, Chief Product Officer, Flowable

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Business Stream

Al Hilal Bank: Orchestration & Automation with Flowable - Deepak Sharma, BPM Lead Consultant & Rishi Saraswat, Chief Technology Officer

Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale: BPM to the rescue - Federico Yankelevich, Solution Architect & Patrick Ceppi, Team Leader

Bosch: Developing Bosch's fully automated digital factory of the future with Flowable - Daniel Matka, Project Manager, Bosch & Matúš Mala, Tech Lead, mimacom

Exentra: How maintaining a process driven Digital Twin drives smart Manufacturing - Markus Herhoffer, Chief Technology Officer

Avaloq: Transform the way banks interact with their clients - Daniel Zeller, Product Owner Engage App & Alex Mugrauer, Business Analyst CLM

Primeur: Self-service and agility for data integration - Luca Musso, Chief Technology Officer & Cristiano Lazzari, Technical Sales Director

FlowFest'22 Speakers

Alex Mugrauer

Business Analyst CLM


Cristiano Lazzari

Technical Sales Director


Daniel Matka

Project Manager & Chief Product Officer eWOCS


Daniel Zeller

Product Owner Engage App


Deepak Sharma

BPM Lead Consultant

Al Hilal Bank

Fabio Filippelli

VP Customer Success


Federico Yankelevich

Solution Architect



Filip Hrisafov

Expert Platform Architect


Greg Harley

Senior Solution Architect


Joram Barrez_MG 7807

Joram Barrez

Principal Software Architect


Luca Musso

Chief Technology Officer


Patrick Ceppi

Team Leader - EOC

Paul Holmes-Higgin



Markus Herhoffer

Chief Technology Officer


Matúš Mala

Tech Lead


Micha Kiener

Chief Technology Officer


Orlando de Mauro

Product Software Engineer


Rishi Saraswat

Chief Technology Officer

Al Hilal Bank

Roman Saratz

Senior Solution Architect


Tijs_Rademakers_MG 8595

Tijs Rademakers

VP Product Engineering


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Flowable's Principal Software Architect Joram Barrez on FlowFest'23
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Flowable CTO Micha Kiener on FlowFest'23
Flowable's VP of Product Engineering Tijs Rademakers on FlowFest'23
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