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FlowFest: The Intelligent Business Process Automation Event

FlowFest is a yearly virtual event, where we host talks, live product demos, and more - all about Flowable and Intelligent Business Process Automation. Connect with fellow automation enthusiasts, IT leaders, solution architects, developers, and business leaders.

Explore Flowable's out-of-the-box functionalities

During FlowFest, the Flowable team shares the latest developments and future vision. It’s not about marketing and pixie dust but about reality and getting stuff done with Flowable - ok, maybe just a touch of pixie dust.

Get to know the most innovative real-world use cases

FlowFest is not only the perfect chance to network with other Flowable and automation enthusiasts but, most importantly, an opportunity to hear from and talk to those using Flowable in real-world scenarios across different industries, such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and more.

FlowFest Talks

The critical role of Process Automation | Rob Koplowitz & Paul Holmes-Higgin | FlowFest'23
Citizen Developers at Kindred Credit Union | Tim Miller & Jeff Perttula | FlowFest'23
Elevating cancer care follow-up at a leading University Hospital | Digital Workforce | FlowFest'23
Flowable in the cloud | Orlando de Mauro & Filip Hrisafov | FlowFest'23
Gartner's top trends in Hyperautomation | Paul Vincent | FlowFest'23
Real-life AI applications with Flowable | Joram Barrez & Valentin Zickner | FlowFest'23
What's new in Flowable? | Tijs Rademakers | FlowFest'23
Data as first-class citizen in Flowable | Joram Barrez & Filip Hrisafov | FlowFest'23
High-scale work management with Flowable SLA and analytics | Micha Kiener | FlowFest'23
Flowabe in the Hyperautomation ecosystem | Leroy Bächtold & Matthias Stöckli | FlowFest'23
Open. Intelligent. Automation. | Agim Emruli | FlowFest'23
Flowable's Principal Software Architect Joram Barrez on FlowFest'23
Flowable's CEO Agim Emruli on FlowFest'23
FlowFest'23 | Innovation meets Automation | Online event | Flowable
Flowable CTO Micha Kiener on FlowFest'23
Flowable's VP of Product Engineering Tijs Rademakers on FlowFest'23
Flowable VP Sales EMEA Daniela Marchese on FlowFest'23

FlowFest Over the Years


Renowned industry experts and pioneers in the automation field on trends, impact, and future.

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FlowFest '19 Community Conference - Watch Again!

Hosted at the SAP campus near Heidelberg, Germany Friday, November 15, 2019

FlowFest’18 was a great success – watch it all again

It was a great success – watch it all again

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