Intelligent Business Automation for the optimal workflow

For your business success, it is crucial to invest in the digitalization and automatization of your business processes. In this eBook, you will learn about the functions and advantages of Case Management – your solution for complex and dynamic business processes.

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Efficient business processes with Case and Business Process Management

Understand why the combination of Business Process and Case Management is key for efficient workflows and the foundation of Intelligent Business Automation. We explain the different use cases and show why the combination of both solutions is necessary. The eBook provides you with practical examples, screenshots, and a personal checklist.


This is what you can expect


  • Get complex processes under control
  • The changing expectations of customer and partners
  • Why business process management reaches its limits
  • How Business Process and Case Management complement each other

  • Case Management – people centric vs process centric
  • Case Management with Flowable – a Success Story
  • Checklist
  • Further information

eBook: In search for the optimal workflow

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Flowable’s innovative adaptive case management capabilities help you structure your demanding, unstructured, and dynamically changing business processes.