Get the most out of Flowable by combining it with expert training.

Flowable Certification

Our certification program allows professionals to prove their expertise in Flowable

Why get Flowable Certified?

Flowable is a powerful low-code platform designed to model advanced workflows with greater efficiency, saving time and resources. By receiving the Flowable certification you show a deep understanding of how to build and deploy workflows with the Flowable Platform.

Whether you are a client, partner, or consultant, with an officially recognized Flowable certification, you can be confident knowing your way around the world of Intelligent Business Automation.

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For Certificate Holders

Being Flowable certified will add to your professional credibility and show your expertise on relevant topics, making you stand out in the hiring process.

For Employers

Choose from a pool of qualified people. Flowable certification holders are knowledgeable in the Flowable platform and its main features.

For Partners

Be part of a network of Flowable certified users and benefit from more business opportunities.

Your way to a Flowable certification

1. Prepare

Book a training session to ensure you have all the necessary knowledge to pass the exam. We recommend attending at least 60% of the training sessions of either the Business Modeling or Development trainings. By enrolling in a Flowable training, you can do the exam to obtain the Flowable Foundation certificate for free.

2. Register

Register for your certification test. Group registrations are also available. We will contact you with a list of upcoming certification dates. We offer regular opportunities to get certified. Once payment is processed, we will provide you with the next open slots. Choose the date that best suits you.

3. Take test

On the day you choose, log in to our certification platform and take the test. The results will be displayed to you immediately. If you pass, we will send you your official Flowable certificate in digital format.

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