AUGUST 27, 2019

Try Flowable free for 30 days to get a taste of what it can do for your enterprise. The full product capabilities are enabled allowing you to explore the sophisticated case and process management features available. Flowable Engage includes all of the functionality of Flowable Work and Flowable Platform, so you can use this download to discover the potential of all them to address your intelligent automation solution.

The download includes an example case and process app that you can use along with a tutorial that guides you through a number of the product highlights. Within a few minutes, have Flowable running and creating cases and processes that have rich forms, document generation and real-time chat. Also, start to see how some of the unique features of Flowable, such as dynamic process injection, actually work in practice.

Take a look at the Trial Tutorial Documentation.

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Releases | DECEMBER 17, 2021

Address complexity much easier with Flowable Release 3.11

This 3.11 release has a lot of emphasis on making it easier to do complex things in Flowable – easier to work with data and data services, easier to keep track of historical data, a more seamless user experience.Read more

Business | DECEMBER 16, 2021

No-Code, Low-Code or Pro-Code? What you need is right code

In the business automation market there’s a lot of interest in low-code, which has acted as a spur for different vendors and analysts to position themselves around this. For no-coders, low-code still means code, which is just not a good enough answer; forRead more

Business | NOVEMBER 19, 2021

Data Objects: the Life Blood of Intelligent Business Automation

Data is the fuel for every application. It is essential to connect data from multiple systems to make better business-related decisions, and to improve your customers’ and employees’ experience, as well as your end-to-end business efficiency.Read more