Manage the complexity with Flowable 3.8

DECEMBER 16, 2020

Just released, Flowable 3.8 adds completely new features and enhances existing ones to help you manage the complexity of designing and running large scale Intelligent Business Automation projects.

More control of complex app design

When designing an automation app with a team involving a complex set of models that work together, preventing changes another team member might make to a model is critical.  You can now lock and unlock models to have full control over who is editing a model.  Don’t worry if the person with the lock isn’t available, you can always override it if needed.

More insight to complex app models

As a sophisticated application is built, the number of models linked together can become difficult to work with.  When cases call processes that call other processes that display forms that embed other forms, an app can have a hundred models linked together in an impossible to manage way.  Until now, when the relationships between a model and other models can be visualized as linked hierarchies, giving insight to where models are used and what models they in turn use.  Quickly navigate around your app from within the model editor or details views without getting lost again.

More visibility and selection of variables

As the number of models grows in your app, so the number and uses of variables grows, making it challenging to remember variable names or where they’re set or accessed.  A variable catalog now powers variable assistance throughout the model editing experience, providing autocompletion and selection wherever a variable can be used.  The full list of variables with their references can be viewed in tabular form and exported as a spreadsheet for documentation or reference.

More depth in monitoring running apps

Now you can see exactly what’s going on in your Flowable engines, as it happens and over time.  Flowable Control provides deep insight into the nuts and bolts of the engines as they run, from memory, CPU, database, operations, threadpools, jobs, timers and active users.  Quickly see if your engine configuration is performing as you expect; instantly spot when an external failure is causing your jobs to build up or fail; see how any of these aspects of execution change over time by exploring over date and time ranges.

More options for efficient execution

IYour parallel gateway flows can finally be executed in a true parallel way.  No faking it, tasks really happening in parallel.  The synchronous history framework has gained a performance boost that means you may not need to switch to async history unless that’s what you really need.  New options for giving you the widest range of possibilities for optimizing your automation.

More configurable and enriched user experience

Case views have many new capabilities for controlling how your custom views look and behave.  The location and visibility of task outcomes can be configured to be inside a form and excluded from the header, or shown in both.  Create forms that meet your corporate style guides or provide more in-form guidance for completing a task.  The choice is yours.  Same with data tables – don’t like paging controls, then use the new infinite scrolling options, with all the smarts to make the user experience exactly what you want.

Flowable 3.8 bring more options and opportunities to manage the complexity of your Intelligent Business Automation as it grows.  You can feel confident to take on the most challenging implementations because you have the control.

All the details can be found in the Release Notes online.

Experience Flowable 3.8 and download our free trial.

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