Visualize, Connect & Optimize with Dynamic Dashboards and Out-of-the-box Connectors: Release 3.15

DECEMBER 21, 2023

From dynamic dashboards, new out-of-the-box SharePoint and Salesforce connectors, to improved SLA tracking - Flowable release 3.15 brings many new enhancements and features. Let’s have a deeper look:

Better workflow analytics with dynamic dashboards

Take workflow visualization to another level with the introduction of Flowable’s dynamic dashboards. From engaging pie and bar charts to versatile data tables – create dashboards using a variety of components. This feature empowers you to tailor dashboards to your specific needs, providing a visual playground for workflow insights.

Seamless integration with SharePoint and Salesforce connectors

When automating, it's crucial to consider your entire existing landscape and ecosystem – and release 3.15 brings two essential connectors, available as add-ons, to support a seamless navigation of data and processes across your organization.

Effortlessly attach SharePoint files directly to forms, cases, processes, or tasks in Flowable. This not only streamlines collaboration but also enhances operational efficiency. Moreover, the integration with Salesforce brings tangible business benefits: Imagine a scenario where your sales team can initiate workflows directly linked to customer data, maintaining the highest standards of data security.

Improved SLA tracking to manage most important business objectives

In the context of service level agreements (SLAs), Flowable 3.15 brings a practical enhancement to task management across teams using Flowable. This leads to tracking of reaction time and completion time SLAs on human and system tasks in your business processes; allowing for a more detailed analysis of average response times and instances of SLA breaches and providing a benchmark for optimization initiatives.

Palette personalization: Elevate your design experience

Seamlessly customize CMMN, BPMN, and Form palettes in Flowable Design, combining technical precision and ease of use for Citizen Developers. Tailor every element to your unique needs, promoting a design environment that perfectly aligns with your business objectives.

Technological advancement: Spring Boot upgrade and enhanced security

Flowable 3.15 embraces the latest in technology with a Spring Boot upgrade. This technological leap ensures users leverage the latest capabilities and enhancements. Additionally, security configurations have been fine-tuned in response to Spring Security API changes, providing users with an upgraded and secure foundation for their workflow automation journey.

Full details of all the enhancements and fixes can be found in the online Release Notes.

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