Address complexity much easier with Flowable release 3.11

DECEMBER 17, 2021

Flowable release 3.11 is the latest and last release of our platform for this year, bringing some requested enhancements and new features to all our Flowable users – a yearend Flowable gift for the holiday season that is upon us.

This 3.11 release has a lot of emphasis on making it easier to do complex things in Flowable – easier to work with data and data services, easier to keep track of historical data, a more seamless user experience both on building applications and end-user view, plus much more.

Let’s have a look in detail.

Enriched Data Objects

Already since the previous Flowable release, you can define data models, mapping external data sources, such as databases and REST, into low-code and no-code automation models, and creating custom data sources that can be used across cases, processes, and apps.

In the 3.11 release, Data Objects can also be nested. For database-backed Data Objects, this means relationships can be defined between them. For REST-backed data sources, this means hierarchical, nested structures can be supported. Single and multi-valued relationships and hierarchies can be enabled for both querying and updating external data sources.

Flowable release3.11 nested-contact-partner

Flexible data governance of business automation history

Compliance and auditability are always at the focus of every feature in Flowable. The 3.11 release brings even more flexibility for data governance and historical data.

Housekeeping for completed cases and processes can be modeled to ensure historical data is purged as required by policy or storage needs. With highly configurable options for frequency and scope of historical data deletion, you have full control over what and how long historical data is retained.

Optimized user experience for forms and tasks

A few improvements have been introduced for both design and runtime of applications.

Form validation

With complex forms that have tabs, accordions or hidden panels, it can be difficult for a user to see where any input validation problems may be coming from. This is why forms now provide an advanced validation panel to summarize and link to any warnings, with additional visual indicators that bubble up through any number of nested subforms, tabs or the like.

Tasks and UI navigation

When completing a user task, the UI can navigate directly to any next open task for the current user, providing more streamlined operation in task management.

Flowable release3.11 mailing forms-task-validation

Run with or without Elasticsearch

Until now, Elasticsearch was required to use Flowable Work to ensure optimal speed and scalability. Considering that not all uses of Flowable need that level of performance, with the 3.11 release, Elasticsearch is no longer required, with the underlying database being used for all the core functionality. Some capabilities are not available with the database-only configuration, including analytics and real-time chat.

Myriad improvements across the board

A few more advances in the release 3.11 include:

  • Supporting MariaDB as an underlying database

  • Running Flowable Inspect without creating test instances

  • Path-based access to content

  • Data Object creation in Data Tables

  • Extensions to BPMN and CMMN models.

Full details of all the enhancements and fixes can be found in the online Release Notes. If you are upgrading from a previous version, please carefully read the Upgrade Information.

Try out Flowable 3.11 now!

Enjoy the new release features.

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