Flowable 3.0 Release

FEBRUARY 14, 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of the Flowable 3.0 product line.

The Flowable products provide a sophisticated set of case and process technologies that can be easily applied to create real solutions to meet the needs of today’s businesses. This release incorporates some major enhancements to core components, and we have increased the version number to 3.0 to reflect this. The full product line includes:

  • FlowableEngage 3.0 for real-time chat with case management

  • FlowableWork 3.0 for full business process and case management, and

  • FlowableCore 3.0 for embedded case, decision and process engines.

All the improvements in Flowable Core 3.0 are available in all the products, and all enhancements in Flowable Work 3.0 are available within Flowable Engage.

Flowable Core 3.0 Enhancements

We have made a number of significant improvements to some of the key components of Flowable Core, including a new highly scalable and performant CMMN 1.1 execution engine. This provides a much wider coverage of CMMN capabilities in addition to many extensions that make defining cases easier. The BPMN engine also has some major improvements, including extended auditing of user task events and sequence flows, optimized active instance query performance, support for DMN 1.2, and extended process migration services.

Flowable Work 3.0 Enhancements

The user interface for Flowable Work has been completely rewritten, providing the latest browser technology for dynamic user interaction, customization and extension. The UI technology is now based on ReactJS, a widely used, stable and growing web framework. We took this opportunity to add new features, such as visual case status diagrams. We have also integrated and enhanced our document management and analytics reporting services. Documents and files with metadata can be captured and stored with custom content models. Heatmaps, pie charts and bar graphs can display process and case performance data from historic and active work. There are new context-sensitive services to help the creation of applications, including Templates for content in messages and document generation, plus Actions for defining behavior that is exposed to the user whatever interface is used – web app or mobile app. All the new services are available in the headless Flowable Platform edition of Flowable Work.

Flowable Engage 3.0 Enhancements

The WhatsApp Business API is now supported, joining an extended WeChat integration and other popular chat apps. A new conversation type, Desk, has been introduced that allows chats to be managed through a team support model. With this, a group of users can be assigned to a Desk chat where any incoming chat ticket can be assigned to a team member to work with. This can also be integrated with the new Chatbot handover capability that allows an automated chatbot to pass a conversation over to another user or team. Rich media messages and much enhanced conversational process definitions broaden the types of interaction that can be achieved over chat.

Flowable Control 3.0, Flowable Design 3.0 and Flowable Forms 3.0 Enhancements

As part of the main products, we have also made many enhancements to the supporting applications. Flowable Control 3.0 adds full visibility and control of all the engines for system administrators to both monitor and fix any issues that can arise in live systems. Resolving unexpected failures of external systems or misassigned tasks in production systems are examples. Flowable Design 3.0 includes a completely new attribute management panel, many usability enhancements, and a new form debugger. Flowable Forms 3.0 provides new forms components and extended developer tools for working live with forms.

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