MARCH 20, 2017

To further improve our product quality and support of our edoras one software releases, we are planning to introduce a new release schedule. The upcoming release 1.6 will be the last software version that we provide as a bi-weekly (recently tri-weekly) software update.

Starting with the release 2.0, planned for mid 2017, we have defined a release schedule that is decoupled from our internal product engineering sprints.

With this change, we intend to:

Improve our service and support: less release baselines, clearer structure and patch releases, that only fix bugs and do not introduce new features.

Increase the quality of our General Availability (GA, stable) releases.

Make the availability of new features more predictable.

A new approach

The Scrum sprints provide a framework for agile development, with an explicit focus on improving the software delivery process itself – it’s about the team. One of the pillars of agile development is to deliver in increments and deliver stable software in each iteration.

Until now, we’ve shipped this software each iteration (sprint) to you. This frequent shipping has some internal and external drawbacks that we intend to eliminate with the forthcoming change.

Therefore, we implement the following changes:

Decouple our internal development sprints from the release of GA versions.

Limit the amount of supported GA releases (baselines).


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