MAY 10, 2022

Zurich, May 10th 2022

Flowable is Digital Workforce’s new partner for its business process automation initiative. 

According to Gartner, by 2025, organizations running inflexible and poorly performing critical customer-facing business processes will suffer more than a 10% loss in market share due to bad customer experiences. Also, Forrester research shows that leaders are planning to reinvent and re-imagine existing processes and completely transform end-to-end processes to support their digital business strategies better.

Following the demand for intelligent end-to-end business processes that create a seamless experience, Digital Workforce recently announced an updated digital strategy. Within the scope of their new strategy, they will also deliver Outsmart: a new on-demand cloud-based platform for the development and operation of complex, end-to-end business processes. 

Digital Workforce Outsmart will utilize Flowable’s world-leading, best-of-breed technology to enable intelligent process orchestration, automated processing of tasks, and coordination of the work carried out by humans and work carried out by software robots or AI. Flowable introduces a unique ability to easily design, develop, deploy and monitor business processes in an intuitive low-code environment, allowing business & IT teams together to improve their business process performance. 

Agim Emruli, CEO of Flowable:

”We at Flowable are pleased that Digital Workforce Services Plc has chosen us and our leading technology to develop a holistic and thorough solution with which the full business process can be made more efficient. We follow their unique, innovative market approach with high interest and support them with the new platform to deliver outstanding customer experience and drive operational excellence”. 

By using Flowable, Digital Workforce will be leveraging its powerful open source engines, based on the open standards of BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation), and DMN (Decision Model and Notation). Flowable's open workflow engine as its core allows for intuitive integration towards other automation assets like microservices, API’s and RPA, while the low-code user interfaces allow seamless human-machine collaboration. This human-machine collaboration will be the key to unlocking 10-20 times more business value from business process automation within the next 3-5 years. 

Through Flowable’s technology, Digital Workforce will further extend its competence and services from Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation to business process orchestration. 

Digital Workforce Outsmart is currently in the beta phase with commercial availability planned for Q3 2022. It will be an ”as a service” cloud platform allowing customers to access services on-demand without extensive up-front investment.

Mika Vainio-Mattila, CEO of Digital Workforce Services: 

”We are seeing an exciting shift in the Intelligent Automation market. Companies are moving from simple task automation towards more comprehensive business process automation where humans, digital workers, and AI agents collaborate seamlessly. Meanwhile, having a comprehensive selection of best-of-breed business process automation tools available under the same roof – and most importantly, as a service – has been missing from the market. This is where Outsmart will meet the market demand and bring together all the needed capabilities to build and operate your automation fabric in the future. Our cloud-based platform consists of different intelligent automation technologies and a unique consumption-based commercial model. Armed with Flowable’s world-class orchestration capabilities Outsmart will make a unique platform on the market. With Outsmart, our clients can start quickly without heavy upfront investments and drive digital transformation in their organizations with an unbeatable time-to-value.” 

For more information: 

Orjana Lico I Head of Marketing 

About Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce Services Plc is the leading business automation platform and service provider globally. Digital Workforce Outsmart platform allows organizations to accelerate digitalization, increase revenue, improve customer experience and gain competitive advantage. Globally, over 200 large customers use Digital Workforce’s platform and services to transform their businesses with automation. Founded in 2015, Digital Workforce currently employs over 200 business automation specialists in the US, the UK, Poland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Digital Workforce is publicly listed in Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland. For more information visit

About Flowable

Flowable is the leading provider of open-source Intelligent Business Automation solutions for global enterprises. It combines the power of Case, Process, and Decision support into one platform with low-code capabilities to deliver end-to-end automation.

Flowable’s Intelligent Business Automation platform is used to quickly build, deploy, and orchestrate applications that increase efficiency, deliver outstanding customer experience and drive operational excellence. We deliver cutting-edge automation solutions for some of the world’s leading brands across Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and many other industries.

Founded in 2010, Flowable counts over 350 specialists in 11 locations in Europe, North America, and Asia providing impact to organizations worldwide, from startups to global and Fortune 500 businesses.

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