Paul Holmes-Higgin new Chief Product Officer, joined by the core Flowable BPM developers

APRIL 3, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Paul Holmes-Higgin has been appointed as Chief Product Officer (CPO). This highlights our focus and investment in technology solutions to address the growing transformation needs in today’s digital world.

Paul Holmes-Higgin previously co-founded Alfresco and served there as chief product officer and vice president of engineering, and has held positions at Documentum and Resumix. His early career was in academic research applying Artificial Intelligence to document and language analysis, where he gained a PhD.

As CPO, he will oversee product management and engineering across Flowable’s entire technology portfolio of business process and case management solutions for enterprises and institutions. With Paul we also hire the Flowable core team. Especially through their support we will enable organizations to meet the challenges of digital transformation. Flowable gives us the opportunity to build a new dynamic, global company.

Here the statement of Micha Kiener, founder and CTO: “We are excited to bring our two organizations together. The technical experience the Flowable team brings will enable us to scale to address and service the world-wide market more rapidly. At Flowable, we have a number of globally recognized brands as customers of our case management offering, and have been looking to expand our product portfolio and reach. The Flowable team will allow us innovate more deeply and quickly, to realize our shared passion of giving our users the platform to dramatically increase their value to their organization. Harnessing and cultivating the power of the community around the open source Flowable project ensures that some of the smartest brains on the planet are collaborating to enhance the technology.”

For many years Flowable and Flowable worked successfully together and the case management technology has proven already its potential in a number of global businesses. With Flowable’s widely recognized fast, scalable and dynamic Business Process Management technology, we see combining our activities as a significant multiplier of our individual capabilities, giving our customers the unique benefit of exploiting the full spectrum of capabilities from dynamic BPM to adaptive case management.

There are five key technologies we combine on our platform: case management; dynamic processes; analytics; content and artificial intelligence. In today’s highly competitive environment, you need to be able to leverage best practice, but not be constrained by it, all the while meeting compliance and governance demands. Our customers need to feel you are focused on them individually and are exceeding the service they expect. Flowable provides the platform that enables you to deliver that.

Flowable is an Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) technology derived from the Open Source ACTIVITI project, architected and developed by the core Flowable engineers. Support subscriptions for Flowable are available immediately through Flowable.

Our vision is to enable flexibility in getting work done efficiently, all the time making sure that compliant processes and best practices are followed. Love your work and make your customers love you!

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