AUGUST 5, 2020

Flowable 3.7 introduces a number of significant new business features as well as infrastructure services.  There are also incremental improvements to the user interfaces and existing capabilities to make it easier and quicker to develop user-centered or system-driven business process and case management solutions.

Flowable Inspect for Debugging and Testing Models

Directly inspect the state of your processes and cases as they execute, changing values if needed, all from the Flowable Work user interface.  Create whole test suites for your applications simply by recording user actions, which can then be executed on-demand to validate or illustrate paths through cases and processes. Step through the execution of cases and processes, setting breakpoints to jump to, or steps to skip and mock out.  Understand exactly what’s happening in your cases and processes, however complex.  Find out more in the Flowable Inspect documentation.

Decision Requirements Diagrams for Advanced Business Rules

Flowable now supports DMN DRDs. This means the output of multiple Decision Tables can be used as input to other Decision Tables, providing a way to chain decisions together. This facilitates both easy re-use of different rules as well as enabling more complex decisions to be created in a manageable way.

External Worker Tasks

In some environments, it is useful to be able to allow external systems to request work from Flowable, rather than Flowable make the request for external services.  External Worker Tasks provide this capability in a scalable and familiar way, exploiting features already well established in the Flowable platform.

Additional Event Registry Integrations

There is now out of the box support for AWS SQS, adding to the existing Kafka, Rabbit MQ, and ActiveMQ/JMS support.  A mechanism has also been created to allow Internal events to be used – all the benefits of the event modeling in Flowable, but no requirement for any event framework.  Support has also been added for Email-triggered events.

Dynamic Themes

It is now possible to build UI themes dynamically in the Flowable Work UI by simply choosing the colors for all aspects of the interface, as well as adding custom logos.  Multiple themes can be created and made available to users to select from.

As well as these major enhancements, there are a large number of other improvements that extend the flexibility and capability of Flowable. All the details can be found in the Release Notes online.

Experience Flowable 3.7 and download our free trial.

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