FEBRUARY 27, 2023

What are CMMN sentries and how can you use them in Flowable? In this how-to video, Valentin Zickner, explains CMMN sentries by creating a new order app in Flowable Design and execute the app in the Work UI. To follow along, download the free Flowable Work trial. Free Flowable Trial | cloud & self-managed

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How-to | FEBRUARY 24, 2023

How to theme Flowable

In this video, Valentin Zickner, Solution Architect at Flowable, shows how to create a custom Flowable theme in Flowable Work in just a few minutes.Read more

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How-to | FEBRUARY 22, 2023

Introducing sub form components

This video is an introduction to sub forms as reusable form elements as well as basic multi-instance handling. Read more

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How-to | FEBRUARY 17, 2023

HTTPS with Flowable Data Object

Rather than copying data over to Flowable you can also reference data. Therefore, Flowable supports Data Objects. Data Objects store a reference…Read more