JULY 14, 2022

This video gives a quick overview of Flowable Design, followed by an introduction to DMN tables in Flowable. A simple decision table is created based on one input and output parameter. The decision table is executed and shown how the result of the DMN execution can be analyzed within the Flowable Work application.

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How-to | JULY 12, 2022

Custom Backend Expressions Using Spring Beans

When using low code, there is in addition to the modeling side of building process, also the integration to code. This is in the Flowable…Read more

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How-to | JULY 8, 2022

Modeling by Example: Travel Request App Part 4

This is the last part in the series where we're build a travel request CMMN case model. In this part, we'll complete the case and build out the organize travel stage.Read more

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How-to | JULY 7, 2022

Introducing Task Listeners & Parse Handlers Part 1

Task listeners are reusable snippets of logic that are automatically invoked by the engines on certain lifecycle events of the task. They…Read more