OCTOBER 12, 2021

In the latest release 3.10, Flowable’s focus is on two major topics:

Data objects modeling with no-code/low-code capabilities, allowing you to gain complete control of your data, no matter where it sits.

Mobile application, giving you the full Flowable omnichannel experience to work with cases, processes and tasks from anywhere, at any time.

Let’s have a look at all the new features and improvements.

No-code/low-code data object modeling

No-code/low-code data modelling with Flowable

We know data is the fuel to every application. And it is important to connect data, across multiple different systems, to make better business-related decisions and improve your customers’ and employees’ experience. With Flowable, you can gain complete control of your data by defining data models, mapping external data sources, such as databases and REST, into low-code and no-code automation models, and creating custom data sources that can be used across cases, processes, and apps.

A no-code design experience allows you to automatically create database tables mapped to Data Objects according to your business model.  You can use structured data to represent customers, their journeys and entities they relate to.  A no-code UI, allows you to connect form fields to Data Objects with full view, search and edit capabilities using data tables.

Use additional Data Object tasks to execute data queries and updates, or use automatic update of data through form completion.  As always, Data Objects can be extended with low-code and pro-code custom development.

Mobile App for a full omnichannel experience

Mobile app

Flowable Work brings an omnichannel approach to your customers and employees. You can have the functionality of our Flowable Work desktop app in the palm of your hand and stay on top of projects with real-time updates to keep processes running smoothly. The new Flowable

mobile app allows you to work with cases, processes and tasks from anywhere, at any time.

The mobile app supports a wide range of functionality already available in the desktop version. With dynamic theming and support for forms, you can work with the already familiar user experience of Flowable on a desktop browser.

While you are on the move, you can easily take photos or videos and attach them as part of a case or process. Ideal for collecting information and evidence on location, for identity proof, incident reporting or event validation.

Forms autosaving

Forms can now be configured to autosave partially completed forms, so you never need to lose data entered in complex forms through browser crash or mistakenly navigating away.  Form payloads can also be filtered to ensure no case or process data is passed over APIs to the user interface when working with sensitive information.

Forms autosaving

Dynamic search

Define and deploy custom Elasticsearch queries without having to restart the Flowable servers. This will allow you to create searches for custom variables as well as those pre-defined by Flowable, all without interruption to your running applications.

Case reactivation and more features

Case reactivation
  • Cases can now be made active again after completion, with the reactivation steps defined as part of the case model, ensuring consistent logic to bring a completed case back into an active state. Case reactivation brings total flexibility to respond to your automation needs.

  • The custom view component is now fully embeddable, enabling it to be re-used in custom user interfaces.

  • Flowable Engage has additional user experience improvements, supporting quick reply buttons for WhatsApp templates. It also supports automatic read-only switching for timed-out messages.

  • Flowable CMMN has added support for plan fragments.

Full details of all the enhancements and fixes can be found in the online Release notes. If you are upgrading from a previous version, please carefully read the Upgrade information.

Try out Flowable 3.10 now download the free trial!

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