JUNE 8, 2022

In this video, Valentin Zickner, our Solution Architect at Flowable, shows you how to download the Flowable Work enterprise trial and install it on a Mac device. He guides you step by step through the license upload and an upload of a first sample app.

You can also access the full installation guide in written form: https://bit.ly/3Ddsmk3

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How-to | JANUARY 21, 2023

User management: Integrating LDAP

Assuming that you have your LDAP directory already available, this video shows how you can integrate a LDAP directory into Flowable Work.Read more

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How-to | JANUARY 20, 2023

User management: Create a user definition

This video goes into detail what a user definition is, what the different fields of a user definition is and how you can create a user definition in Flowable.Read more

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How-to | JANUARY 19, 2023

User management: User definitions, users and groups

There are three different concepts around users in Flowable: User definitions, users and groups. In this video Valentin Zickner, Solution Architect with Flowable, will explain the differences and show how to create a user and a group.Read more